Remove Pet Stains & Odors with Legacy Cleaning Services

Cat — Pet stain removal in Erie, CO
Dog lying on carpet — Pet stain removal in Erie, CO
You love your pet. You just don't love the fur, dander, and dirt they drag in. After a while, your carpet can start to look dingy because of these factors, as well as accidents. Don't let having a pet ruin your carpets. The experts at Legacy Cleaning Solutions can help rid your carpet of the allergens trapped in the fibers, as well as spots and odors your pet has left behind.

Hot Water Extraction

To give your carpet a nice deep clean that will rid it of allergens, stains, and odors, we use a Rotovac 360i. This cleans your carpet more thoroughly than a vacuum and carpet shampooing and dry cleaning. It also uses less harmful chemicals, making it safer for your beloved (yet sometimes dirty) furry companion.