Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning Services

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Legacy Cleaning Solutions can restore your carpets and rugs to their once pristine state. Over time, your carpets and rugs endure the wear and tear of everyday life. A few spills, pets, and the dirt and allergens that are tracked in can cause them to look and feel dirty.

Hot Water Extraction

At Legacy Cleaning Solutions, we offer hot water extraction services to give your carpets and rugs a nice deep clean that lasts. We use a RotoVac 360i that draws out the dirt and dust trapped in the fibers. This hot water extraction also helps with removing stains and odors, and leaves little to no residue using fewer harsh chemicals than mainstream cleaning methods.


We offer a simple pricing system based on the size or your room, rug, or quantity of carpeted stairs. We take the sizing/quantity into account so you know exactly what you are paying for.